Neo x Melby Litter - Group Shots

First Meal of Milk - Mush
Puppies first meal on their own

Sleeping in Food Dish 2-26
After eating, it is proper to compliment the chef by sleeping in the food dish.....
.....REALLY it's proper puppy etiquette!

3-1 Puppies in laundry basket
Whadda you mean we're filthy?
And what exactly is this "BATH" you speak of???

3-12-2002 Moving to the room with the big dogs....
.....traveling in style in the laundry basket!

Hmmmm, small two-legged beings with TREATS!!!!

I'm not sure why this human pup is so fascinated by touching my nose
and saying "BEEP" but I've got nothing better to do right now......

...can someone turn out the lights please?

Quick Picabo......
...see if this one has treats too!

A pack of wild dogs attacks Alpha Dogs shoes!

How many ACD puppies does it take to shred a Border Collie tail?

All sacked out on Auntie Janel!

Ripple tries to figure out how to keep one eye on EACH puppy!!